25th, October 2023 18:00
Fusebox, Level 4 N, New England House, Brighton BN1 4GH

Dr Laryssa Whittaker

Senior Audience Researcher, StoryFutures
Royal Holloway, University of London

Laryssa is an ethnomusicologist and media scholar exploring the attitudes, values, and patterns of engagement around immersive experiences to understand the industry’s future audiences. She’s particularly interested in emerging forms of virtual live musical performance.

You are invited to the launch of the research report:

Experiments in real-time hybrid performance

This work was created as part of StoryFutures’s R&D initiative, with the aim to develop technologies that connect audiences and artists - whether they are in the same space or not.

After the presentation of the case study, we will explore the intersection of art, technology, and performance as we delve into real-time hybrid performances.

Expert practitioners in the field will share their experiences, challenges, breakthroughs and ideas showcasing 3 different approaches into hybrid events, all conceived, creatively directed and produced by Munchingsquare - creative technology studio

Supported by StoryFutures, WiredSussex, Holycircuit, Munchingsquare


Bunty x MetaMirror

Bunty is a multi-disciplined artist working and living in Brighton. She works with vocal improvisation, electronics, and projections to create her music solo.


Bunty’s performance will be broadcasted via MetaMirror into a hybrid immersive metaspace. MetaMirror is the project upon which Laryssa’s research is based and it shows that the metaspace is social, fully immersive, and accessible - it works on a desktop computer, mobile device, or on VR headset. There will be an opportunity to compare both experiences via the on-site provided VR headsets.
This is the 2022 project upon which Laryssa's report is mostly based.

Miss Yankey x performance AImplified

Her energy is unmistakable, every word she spills is carefully crafted, performed with passion, and loaded with authenticity. An unapologetic advocate for women’s rights, mental health, and domestic violence awareness, Miss Yankey is determined to use poetry to positively impact the lives of others.


Her performance will be recontextualised using AI generative networks and interactive AR overlays. Brand new concept, widely experimental and never shown before.


Trajectory 1312 audiovisual performance by Amoeba Studio Is a concrete dystopian tale of one night that changes reality, set in a brutalist future.

Amoeba Studio

The second installment of HYBRIDREALITYFEED -- XRoss reality Livestream, a 2021 R&D project exploring the re-use of datastreams. It’s a proof of concept of performance happening between different domains – real / virtual reality and YouTube stream.

During the performance Amoeba is transported into the T1312 virtual club where the member of the audience frames the streaming from within VR headset and can interact with the virtual space around the performer to make youtube content more engaging and interesting.

Metamirror documentation:

The video documentation from 2022 MetaMirror event in Iklectick / London: